We perform trade-secreted methods based on ecology, soil science, naturopathic horticulture, and botany.
We are full-service: consultation | design | management | installation | maintenance
We guarantee unmatched quality, efficiency, and affordability.
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Our Full List of Services

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Vegetation: planting | sodding | seeding

Water & Hydrologics: drainage & swales | stormwater & greywater detention | watershed management | hydrologic implements

Irrigation: high-tech treatment | hose, fixture & system installation | quality testing & monitoring

Clearance: overgrowth-removal | tilling | tree cutting | wood shredding & mulching | composting

Hardscaping: masonry & stone | electrical & lighting | carpentry | painting

Maintenance: pruning | plant care & treatment | cleaning & pressure-washing | lawn care | hedge care

Agriculture: consultation | easement | commercial provision

Benefits of Our Services

Guaranteed Value: superior functionality | harmonious aesthetics | ecological benefit

Environmental Health: better air quality | wind-flow mitigation | noise barrier

Enhanced Microclimate: thermal regulation | humidity optimization | scent enhancement

Legitimacy: licensure | bonded | service warranties

Our Code of Ethics

Truly, Gaian stewardship aims to mimic natural conditions of the wild but, also, to optimize and maximize these conditions.

. . . Equipped with this understanding, we are able to offer premier service, at unmatched cost, to our valued customers.

Natural harmony: breathe easier without having to again to worry about weeds, irrigation systems, or artificial chemicals of any kind

Eco-irrigation--fully efficient, completely non-invasive, and indefinitely inexpensive irrigation solutions

Classic choices: reclaim your space from ornamental & overgrown vegetation in favor of beautiful native and locally sourced plants.

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October - November: any Water & Hydrologic Services

December - January: any Vegetation Services

February - March: any Irrigation Services

April - May: any Hardscaping Services

June - July: any Maintenance Services

August - September: any Clearance Services

Berkeley, CA, US | Phone: 510/788.0691 | Email: Jo@Grolutions.US