We are full-service — we offer a comprehensive suite of landscaping and related services.
We build — Construct, Install, Maintain
We also advise — Consult, Design, Train
We proudly adhere firmly to ecological principles to enhance natural systems,
in ways which are both state-of-art and trade secreted.
Our results are superior, in both quality and affordability, to conventional practices.
Our services are unmatched and unavailable elsewhere in the industry.
Licensed, bonded, and insured. Plus, contractual warranties.
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Plant Installations: planting | sodding | seeding

Soil Improvement: mulch, soil, & stone applications | biological & chemical soil testing (sampling & analysis) | bio-enhancement

Irrigation & Plumbing: high-efficiency drip and sprinkler irrigation systems | high-tech, low-cost water treatment & filtration

| drinking-safe hose+fixture system installation | water quality testing & monitoring | water efficiency consultations

Hydrologics: stormwater & greywater systems | aquifer and groundwater recharge | watershed management

Vegetative Clearance: overgrowth removal | tree pruning & removal | debris removal | mulching

Holistic Management: composting systems | grazing | land management

Hardscaping: masonry & stone | lighting | natural building | natural & eco- painting & finishes | trenching & holing

Maintenance: plant care & treatment | aesthetic pruning | cleaning & pressure-washing | lawn care | hedge+shrub care

Sustainable Agriculture: propagation | cultivation | permaculture design

Environmental Health: air quality improvement | wind and noise mitigation | privacy and security | microclimate optimization | scent enhancement

Our Code of Ethics

Gaian stewardship of life systems involves mimicking ecosystems to optimize natural resources.

Equipped with this understanding, we are able to offer premier services, at unmatched affordability, to our valued customers.

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October - November: any Hydrologic Services

December - January: any Planting Services

February - March: any Irrigation Services

April - May: any Hardscaping Services

June - July: any Clearance Services

August - September: any Maintenance Services