Indoor Horticulture

There are many distinctive benefits to planting indoors.

For one, you can serve the goals of your aerial environment, including toxic gas removal, oxygenation, humidification, thermal regulation, and even reduction of dust. You may implement next to a laundry bin, shoe rack, or poorly ventilated area for added synergy —the plants can directly absorb the unwanted substances!

For another, the aesthetic benefit of indoor plants tend to be unlimited but for your imagination. Feel free to use different colors, too. Actually, exotic colors tend to indicate that the plant may have originated in the tropics, in which climatic conditions of high humidity, high temperature, and multi-level canopy shading evolve plants to succeed indoors with unique colors (for absorption of rarer light frequencies not absorbed by the larger canopy plants) and thickly waxed cuticles (to conserve water).

Transpiration and evaporation from the soil are the mechanism by which plants (and their soil) regulate temperature. Water retains heat, even as a gas, and it also reduces wind flow. In fact, many use water to heat their dwellings!

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