Organic Minerals

I am happy to expand on a paramount article from Dr. Steven E. Whiting of the Institute of Nutritional Science in San Diego, CA. Backed fully with scientific research, it proves how natural mineral compounds offer optimal vitality. It turns out that plants chelate “minerals”–just elemental atoms. Upon absorption, plants use enzymes to decompose minerals into atomic ions. This process serves essentially the vitality of the consumer.

Basic sense can speak for how this process of bio-chelation increases bio-availability or absorption, but in fact, this form of minerals is innately better for the body due mainly to the electromagnetic energy that the plant naturally adds. It also turns out that inorganic minerals are, conversely, not just largely unavailable to the body but, moreover, capable of lodging themselves in the body, wasting space and even adding toxicity. The bottom line is this: inorganic mineral chunks, such as those found in our dietary supplements, are can be toxic--even calcium--whereas organic arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium are not just nontoxic but actually essential to health.

A reasonable question of many is, "What specific functions do different minerals have in the body?" Research has enlightened us of multifarious vital functions of different minerals in the mammalian body. Still, the detoxifying properties of different minerals have tended to go amiss thus far; luckily, Dr. Whiting's research provides useful information. For just one example: organic aluminum helps to cleanse the body of inert matter, dislodging it from our tissue by magnetically pulling heavy matter from our tissue. More generally, his research indicates that toxic inorganic minerals largely phase out of the body within only several months by proper intake of a diverse profile of organic minerals.

Society's food lacks comprehensive mineral content only because industrialized agriculture doesn't cultivate good soil, which is the only mechanism by which plants may properly uptake minerals. Until sustainable agriculture has a foothold in global society, one's best options to consume sufficient organic minerals are likely to do some combination of these 3 reasonably attainable tasks: (1) grow the crops (or know that they come from natural soil), (2) consume (preferably fresh) algae or seaweed, or (3) take liquid, ionic or nano-colloidal mineral supplements with water or juice. *Please do reach out to us if you want to grow crops; our methods provide unmatched yields using a "scant" amount of water and not a drop of synthetic chemicals.

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