Our hearts go out to those affected by natural disasters.

We are determined to help prevent the severity of such incidents.

To that aim, we focus on employing the ecological systems that have largely buffered these incidents from time immemorial.

Allow us to direct your attention toward the truest causal connection of both the fires of northern CA and the floods of the southern and eastern U.S.: imbalance of native ecology. Wildfires are to be expected won't stop burning when native vegetation is widely replaced by invasive, annual grasses that dry out the land above and below ground alike. Floods are also typical acts of nature, but they afflict us substantially only when they go unchecked by coral reefs and wetlands, which naturally absorb, and even benefit from, the energy of tropical cyclones and other storms that cause floods.

Native vegetation has no need for automated irrigation systems or synthetic chemicals because it utilizes seasonal water and soil-facilitated exchange of nutrients and water. That's why our clients' landscapes are always designed to face the realities of stormwater; in fact, we guarantee: not a single drip will seep onto the pavement. Such designs have been, tragically, a rarity in the landscaping industry for decades, but we evolved to be more accountable to the real needs of our clients. Please, reach out to us in order to find out more about aligning with this important effort to protect society and the environment.

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