Sheet-Mulching: the New Go-To Solution for Re-Plotting a Landscape

Sheet mulch is a state-of-art technique of regenerative agriculture to apply multiple layers ("lasagna") of organic matter so as to reinvigorate the soil with healthy biotic life that can sustain long-term plant growth by retaining high levels of organic matter and water. It also rapidly develops ideal soil porosity, reaching that sweet "best of both worlds" spot where you get high permeability and high water retention so that literally any plant can grow well in it.

While there are countless benefits to sheet-mulching, one major benefit of note is that it kills weeds and weed seeds in its decomposition process! Results therefore are that you get a freshly clean and naturally fertile, presentable as-is, and flexible ("plug and play") re-start of your landscape grounds and the soils comprised.

Sheet-mulch works on ALL soil and sunlight types. While slope/grade can pose additional hurdles for it, sheet-mulch still is a cost-effective option worth your consideration on sloped areas. Others would be namely seeding, grazing, mowing, and whacking, which are in general order of desirability; we offer all these services and will gladly help you decide based on the site's specific situation and any desired use(s).

We have a proprietary sheet-mulching technique that is highly efficient and therefore affordable: we use all-natural inputs that are free of any synthetic chemicals, and in ~3 months (give or take about a month), you'll have soil that central valley farmers would envy, is free of weeds, and is packaged within a presentable top-layering of mulch so that your planting arrangements are fully plug-and-play!

Late summer through fall (that is, right now!) is, in most cases, the best time of year to have this work done because a few months later (when it's finished) is winter or early spring, the best time by far for most plants to be transplanted. However, all times of year are great for different projects, and we offer this service throughout the year to the satisfaction of our clients.

Reach us to get an offer.

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